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Photography Career Opportunities

Photographs are a powerful medium of creativity. They are adept in providing the different shades of life. If presented in the right manner, they can be beautiful and creative hence.The right training for photography can lead to a fun, versatile, and lucrative career. On successful completion of the Programme it offers a number of opportunities to the students, who can work as entrepreneurs, freelance, commercial photographers etc, in creative and corporate world.

Photography offers a number of opportunities and the range of the fields that you can venture into. Mentioned below are the different career options possible within the realm of photography:

  • Fashion photographer
  • Fashion Photography is the field where one works for fashion houses, designers or individual models. To be a part of this glamorous world, you should be willing to be experimental and creative.

  • Freelance photographer
  • Freelance photographers are hired out on a job-by-job basis, a nice perk for those who prefer to make their own schedule or to work on a variety of projects. Freelancers do many jobs like that of staff photographers.

  • Wedding Photographer
  • Wedding photographers work with couples to capture special moments on their wedding day. Falling under the broader category of photographers, wedding photographers most often work on location taking photographs of wedding events on a contractual basis.

  • Fine Art Photographer
  • Fine art photographers sell work to individuals, galleries, interior designers, architects, libraries, churches, hotels, government and elsewhere on a freelance basis or by commission. Fine art photographers enjoy creative freedom not generally allowed to freelance or staff photographers. They are extremely self-motivated.

  • Photojournalist
  • A photojournalist documents history with a camera by photographing newsworthy people, places, or events. They typically work for a newspaper, journal, magazine or television network and produce powerful photographs that capture the facts of the story they are covering.

  • Wildlife Photographer
  • Wildlife Photographers capture the animal kingdom and plant life in its most natural and habitual form. This kind of photography is a part of Nature photography which also covers landscapes and sceneries. If you love nature and have the ability to capture the perfect sunsets and waterfalls in your camera then this is definitely an option that you could consider.

  • Portrait Photographer
  • Portrait Photographers are people-oriented photographers who click snaps of individuals. The subjects range from children to pets, functions to social events etc. You can also specialize as wedding photographers and cover major society events like political propaganda etc.

  • Staff photographer
  • Staff photographers produce images for magazines, advertisements, brochures, catalogues, corporate reports, publishers, architects or other individuals and businesses that want an event documented or that special image that conveys a specific thought or story.

  • Event Photography
  • Event photographers work for clients to document special occasions. Event photographers are hired by trade associations, fashion designers, and the hosts of birthday parties and corporate events. The most common type of event photographer may be the wedding photographer.

  • Studio Owner
  • Photography studio owners administrate independent studios or divisions of a larger firm, such as an advertising agency or a marketing division of a large corporation. This position requires business savvy in addition to artistic talents.

Digital Design Career Opportunities

Digital design is one of the youngest, constantly evolving and most rewarding industries in visual communication and is a growing rapidly specialty in the field of graphic design.. Well trained and skilled professionals are always in demand. Digital designers use creativity and computer skills to design visuals associated with electronic technology. They create everything from websites and computer-game graphics to special effects for movies, and may work in a variety of industries, including entertainment, education, and advertising where countries all over the world get their outsourcing done from India.

After their relevant courses in Digital design or creative arts students have a broad spectrum of fields to choose from. They can opt a career as:

  • Graphic Designing
  • Among design specialists, graphic designers are projected to find the most new jobs. A graphic designer works on a variety of products and activities, such as websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, computer games, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications and corporate identity, i.e. giving organizations, a visual 'brand'.

  • Illustration Artist
  • If you have a talent for communicating through pictures and would like to put your creative art and design skills to good use, consider a career as an illustrator. In this role you can use your creative skills in art and design to communicate a story, message or idea.

  • Motion Graphic Designer
  • A Motion Graphics Designer creates complex graphics, animation and live video content for a diverse array of media, including smartphones, handheld electronic devices, the web and television, among others. It is one of the fastest growing field for digital designers to venture into.

  • Videographer
  • Videographers works with digital, electronic and film cameras and produces required shots by combining the use of complex technology with creative visual skills. They usually work under a director or director of photography.

  • Video Editor
  • Video Editing, is an interesting and lucrative career for creative people in the media and entertainment industry. Video editing plays a key role in the post production process. As a film or video editor, you'll be responsible for assembling recorded raw material into a finished product that's suitable for broadcasting.

  • Commercial and Industrial Design
  • Commercial and industrial designers develop manufactured products, they combine artistic talent with research on the use of a product, on customer needs, and on marketing, materials, and production methods to create the most functional and appealing design.

  • Advertising Designers
  • Advertising designers, produce innovative ideas for the visual elements of advertising campaigns in all kinds of media. The advertising designers works on the campaign from the outset and manages details about the client, product, target audience and required advertising message.

  • UI/ UX Designer
  • UI & UX designers are involved in designing sites and software for specific target groups and end users. The purpose of your role is to ensure that the 'user experience’ and ‘interface’ for sites is usable, easy to navigate, aesthetically appealing and engaging.

  • Freelance Designers
  • Digital designers can start their own businesses, selling digital design services to individuals and companies. Or work as freelancers, contracting with other businesses to work on specific projects. Usually self-employed designers first gain experience working as employees under a senior designer.

Modelling Career Opportunities

Modelling is one of the sought after professions in the recent times among the youngsters. Modelling life is full of thrill, glitz, glam and fame. The field of modelling is glamorous and give you a prosperous career but making a sustained niche is one of the vital issue before all the models. You have to develop certain qualities such as patience, good social networks, and a great sense of professionalism.

The profession gives you respect, good standard of living and comforts. The modelling field is good both for female as well as male models. Some of the highest paid modeling opportunities include:

  • Fashion (Editorial) Model
  • Fashion models, or what the industry refers to as "editorial models" are the high fashion models that you see in fashion magazines top fashion designers.

  • Fashion Catalog Model
  • Slightly less restrictive than fashion modeling in terms of requirements, but catalog modeling. Catalog models are the ones you see in the clothing catalogs, posing in a variety of outfits.

  • Runway/Catwalk Model
  • Models that walk the catwalk or runway; a “live model.” Runway models are hired to use their bodies to display the fashion garments of a specific clothing designer.

  • Commercial Model
  • Commercial models work many different jobs, including: print advertisements, catalogs, campaigns, television shows, magazines, trade shows, and much more.

  • Print Model
  • Print models are used for many different types of publications, such as: magazines, print advertisements, billboards, posters, calendars, campaigns, booklets, flyers, banners.

  • Glamour Model
  • Glamour modeling focuses much more on the model’s appeal, beauty, and body than it does anything else. Glamour models are typically hired to appear in swimsuit, bikini, lingerie, and form-fitting attire, often times finding work in magazines, music videos, calendars, etc.

  • Promo Model
  • A promotional model, also known as a promo model, is a model that is hired to represent a brand, product, or service. A spokesmodel is a more lucrative form of promo modeling. These models tend to have signed contracts with a specific company.

  • Art Model
  • Art models work with visual artists. The model is the subject of the intended art piece, usually being required to pose while the artist interprets and creates a piece of art. They are able to use the model as a real-life visual aid.

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